To build self-worth, you must be real and authentic about yourself at all times. You must wholeheartedly acknowledge your true nature, which includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Of course, you will have to confront parts of yourself that you would be ashamed to admit. There are things that you would like to forget or wish that they had never taken place.

Painful it will be but you will have to tell yourself that you have not yet become the person you aspire to be, that you are falling short of your goals, or that you are not meeting society or people’s expectations of you.

Whether you are a victim of circumstances or of your own bad decisions, as you contemplate, you will come across your weaknesses, shortcomings, limitations, fears, behaviors, qualities – anything you might not be too proud of.

Of course, that’s who you are. It’s you – and you are not perfect.

But should you be?

Must you seek perfect?

Is it OK not to be perfect?

Most of us want to appear different from what we are inside. We are swayed by the people around us. We are rattled or fazed by circumstances. We adapt society’s standards as our own.

Thus, we create for ourselves an image that others will relate to us in a particular way. However, the great danger is that we will create an image that we eventually believe to be real. That is very unhealthy.

For some, wanting to appear perfect is a more powerful motivation than accepting themselves as they really are. They believe it is impossible to live life without distorting, deleting or generalizing the truth in our favor.

You cannot second-guess how other people will see you. Your workmate and your doctor will see you very differently. Emotionally healthy people will want to know themselves as they are and move forward to develop themselves – and they start by accepting their flaws and failures.

You are not perfect. It’s OK, but should you just accept that and rest on your oars?

Although many self-help authors and life coaches tell us to love ourselves and accept our imperfections, they do not expect us to stay as we are.

It’s OK not to be perfect, but it’s not OK to be mediocre.

You cannot be like the others. You must do more than imperfect people.

If you don’t, what value do you have?

If you are OK just the way you are, there would be no need for change, would there? Would there be room for improvement?

How can you love others if you do not love yourself first? One of the worst sins you can commit is to not love yourself.

While it’s OK to be imperfect, it’s not OK to be mediocre and just sit and relax and leave everything to fate. You are called to reform your life and strive for excellence.

All of us find ourselves in a state of being what is unique. We have limitations of all kinds. You are not perfect but you are called to be someone better. That is a call to action.

You must take yourself as you find yourself and strive to change what you have.

It does not matter that you may find yourself in a wheelchair and unable to walk forever or being laid off. It’s what you do with your situation that matters.

Fully accept every part of yourself “warts and all” but please, take those warts and do something about them.

Every well-meaning individual expects nothing less than their greater and authentic self. Aspire greatness and excellence, not mediocrity.

It’s OK to be imperfect but it’s better to become better than who you are now.

It’s courageous to admit your imperfections but it’s more courageous to do something about them.

Unless you work against your imperfections, you will never grow


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