“Pain demands to be felt.” That is a famous line from the book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It is a quote that everyone can ponder on. It is a quote that awakens people’s mind.
Pain is an inevitable emotion. It is part of being human. It is a terrible emotion that no one is spared from. Truth speaks: pain is one’s biggest enemy and suddenly jumps from nowhere.
There are different kinds of pain: it can be physical, mental or emotional. Either way, it has the capacity and power to destroy a human being. Even the strongest and bravest can lose against pain in the end. The slightest pain can crush an individual if not properly dealt with. Though pain is considered abstract, it is so concrete to feel.
On the brighter side, it also gives positive effects on humans when treated accordingly. Pain can make one stronger and determined. If we do not feel pain, we won’t be able to recognize all the good emotions as well.
When we bottle up our pain, we end up bursting. To avoid it, the best move is to share it with family and friends. Never keep painful emotions to yourself. Talk to your family members, friends and/or significant other. This is the perfect time when one is accommodating and listening. It feels good to talk to people who probably have experienced the same pain because they could also share tips and points on how they dealt with it. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask comfort from someone. It doesn’t add up the pain to be vulnerable and open to others. We all have moments when we just feel like curling like a ball in somebody’s arms. The warmth they give off her/his body is enough to give us a feeling of safety and comfort.
Pain can bond us like nothing else together. It is a penetration of one’s mind and heart to another. This is the best time a person gives a little of himself to others. One becomes honest, considerate and open. This is the time when a person commits and communicates. Listening and talking make a big difference and impact. It is also during an exchange of thoughts and emotions that a person becomes patient, understanding and reachable. Talking to others may not take the pain completely or quickly, but at least there is a feeling of relief when one is willing to listen and comfort. During these moments, one becomes special and trustworthy.
These special people around us are the ones who will help us defeat pain. Our family and friends are good examples of shock absorbers. Emotionally or physically, pain is better dealt around them. No pain can destroy the bond between family and between friends.
Pain is just an emotion, so remember that. Do not let it destroy you and stop you from living and fulfilling your life. Also, remember that pain is not permanent. Be positive in dealing with it so that you will defeat pain as well as gain trust, family, and friends.

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