What are the marks of being a great woman?

How can we define a great woman?

What makes a great woman?

Before this discussion should start, it is important to bear in mind that there is no specific personality or character that will make a great woman. Just like everybody has the right to be himself or herself, a woman can also be just like herself. Being true to oneself is the first step to being a great woman. After all, greatness comes from having displayed that which has already been mastered. When a woman knows her core – her personality and her gifts, she can start becoming an expert in them and then excel.

A great woman is a wise woman

Universally, a woman is meant to be a counselor. For further discussions why a woman is one, kindly visit the previous blog about this in “Gifted for Leadership”. In order to become one, she has to be wise. Wisdom is the overall term for thinking and acting, in whatever circumstance, based upon sufficient knowledge, experience, understanding and insight. A woman is not born already with these characteristics. She has to grow up honing these skills. To gain knowledge, experience, understanding and insight, a woman has to get vast exposure to these and numerous instances of putting them into practice. In other words, a woman has to study a lot. Not only that, she has to reflect upon and truly gets the heart of what she has been learning. Are those moral? Are those beneficial? Are those effective and safe? Will those maintain the essence of humanity or lose them? If these answers yield to positive answers, then she should put what she has learned from these into action to see if these can be done in reality, and if these are sound for counseling. A woman is given the mind that could save what others have failed.

A great woman is a moral woman 

Since a woman is a counselor, it is only right and natural that she should be acting what she has advised. A word of insight from a person who is upright is normally taken as effective and certain. When the upright counselor guides, it is only inevitable that those which she guides are also upright. When the woman cares and becomes sensitive to others, it springs up from this nature of putting things in order.

A great woman is independent and certain

Rooted from the woman’s nature of being a counselor, a woman is meant to be free to evaluate things for herself. In this manner, the notion of a woman being the mere follower is, in this way, a bluff. A woman is more effective in counseling when she has the freedom to weigh things for the better outcome. In the previous blog, “Gift for Leadership”, the woman’s characteristics of being a great counselor was enumerated. Those can only take effect most perfectly when a woman has the freedom to explore things and improve herself.



A great woman is faithful

There are a lot of marks for a great woman but the greatest of them is her long-standing trait of being faithful and consistent with her thoughts, words and principles. This is why a woman becomes flexible as a counselor, supporter and leader. The greatest ornament of a woman is her moral stature and faithful counsel. Anything else faints in comparison to the entire humanity.


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