To make a choice… to decide on something important… is to take control of your life and to take responsibility for what goes in and out and how your life is run. If you refuse to do so, then other people and circumstances will do it for you.


You have lots of choices


You did not choose your parents, your brothers and sisters, your birthplace, your first school, your height, your genetic makeup, your blood type, or even your children – but you can choose to make the most of every one of them and loads more.


In this life, you have masses of choices to make. You have plenty of opportunities to make your life better or, if you mess things up, worse.


You do have lots of choices to make every day. In our experience, even people who feel that they are victims of their circumstances and feel weighed down or imprisoned by them have choices to make.


Either they move forward in life or remain in the past.


Either they choose freedom and hope or anger and pain.


Either they choose to receive the promise of the future or reject it for the pain of the past.


Life is all about making choices but are you in control of your life?


Being in control of your life is crucial. Why?


When we are in control of our immediate lives, we reduce stress and other negative vibes in the background.


When we let other people control our lives or ‘circumstances beyond our control’ arise, stress and negatives vibes abound around us.


Get proactive in making good choices


To take or take back control of your life, make choices, especially the hard ones.


Do not surrender your life to ‘fate’ or anyone or anything else because if you do, you will be unable to make a decision, not even a simple one.


Do not make excuses. Excuses will only make you look weak. Make positive and even unpopular choices because they make you look tough.


Avoid passivity. It only makes things worse and your standards or people’s perception of you lower. Not only you waste your muscles away but also let chances to redeem yourself slip by.


Act. Do not react.


By taking action, you drive your own destiny. You can overcome any circumstances. By acting, you prove yourself to be a product of your decisions.


By reacting, you forfeit your destiny. You give up your chance to make your life better. By reacting, you reveal yourself as a product of your circumstances.


Make positive choices to transform your life


To become the person you want to be, leave your old self and old habits behind. Change!


To achieve the things you want in life, do something new and bold today. Act!


As long as you live, you will have to choose between things. Painful the experience will be but it will test your mettle and determine your worth.


After all, as what Fulton Sheen says, “We cannot have it both ways: if we are free, we are responsible; if we are not responsible, we are not free.”


Whatever choices you make, may they reflect your hopes, not your fears, and your dreams, not your tears.


Move forward! Have fun, be safe, and make good choices.

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