It is said in the song, “’s magic when two people fall in love”. It truly is a wonder how two strangers could be so intimate with one another, fanatically calling the other as one’s half. But in reality, magic is no magic at all. The physical world works in systems and patterns. In other words, everything is connected in this world. Your choice of a partner is influenced by your personal history of struggles and dreams. So is your possible life after the bountiful, extravagant wedding. Old habits emerge. There is no way that someone can be somebody that he has not been. Pretense will fade away in time. Gone are the fairy tale fantasies of romance, bliss, and happiness. It is an overwhelming fact that you will have to face every aspect of life with a person, either close or strange to yourself. When you finally uncover the mask of sincerity and security from a person’s face after the vow, or when you yourself become tired of your pretense, is wishing and attaining for a life-long marriage an impossible feat?


The key?

Persistence. Nothing but persistence and determination can keep the relationship and can sustain the feeling of falling in love. Persistence and determination are, in other words, commitment. It roots from the state of being grateful. When you are grateful, you have a full tank of positive viewpoints of things. When you are grateful and positive, it is only natural that you would persistently look for ways of sustaining that abundant feeling that you have. When you are grateful, positive and persistent, you multiply whatever it is that you have. You value yourself and you value those who have given you such an incredible state. When you can feel your worth, it is a natural instinct that you would stay committed, you would offer your life to that something that has given you your sense of worth.


Move! Act it out!

Trials and temptations will always come your way. You will be facing them in every single day of your life. But you need to remember that there really are things that you cannot change entirely, you cannot control absolutely. The key is, do not hold on to anything fleeting. What is it that you really wanted to keep? Focus on that. If there is anything that you need to change, the main reason behind should be to keep what is it that you really have to keep- your marriage. And marriage is actually a matter of making compromises to maintain what is important. A lifetime of marriage is a long period of time. Many would dream about it but only few could attain it. The secret? Again, commitment. It’s making the same choices over and over in many different circumstances. People change over time. But when you have the commitment, you’ll translate it as they grow. If you want to keep committed to the person you love, then manifest it through your actions. Yes, act out your commitment. Work Hard. Persist in showing that commitment, that no matter what, you will always stay true to your passion.


Grow up!

When you do so, grow up as well. Become an admirable, noteworthy, loving person who deserves the same amount of real love and commitment, not an obsession. As the adage says it, you cannot love somebody unless you know how to love yourself. You can only act out and master what is already familiar. Lastly, take courage to your commitment. Because when you are doubtful, hateful, and fearful, you would never fight for what is important to you. You can never withstand the struggle when you have a weak and half-hearted character. Live happily. Live gratefully. Practice living in such ways. Time is fleeting when you enjoy the moments that before you know it, you have already lived a lifetime of marriage.


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