Discipline is the key to mastery. One will not be able to master any skill unless he can persist to follow all the instructions, or steps, over a sufficient period of time. With discipline, he can sharpen his senses to use his energy only for the significant and valuable causes. In a number of times, repeatedly doing a task will get the person bored and burned out. However, only when he holds on and keeps on doing it will he gain mastery over what he is doing. On the other hand, when the person gives in to temptations, of fulfilling his nonessential desires, he will destroy his purpose, his meaning, his self. Truly, if one wants a life that is not regrettable, one has to learn how to control himself. And the key to this self-disciple is persistence.


Persistence gives absolute results

A lot of magnificent feats in the world had not been achieved without persistence. The greatest conquerors are those who one after another engages in battle. The successful athletes are those who join in a series of games. The richest men are those who establish shops in all the places they could reach. And the most admirable of all the people are those who never give up in standing up for their beliefs. Buddha has said it, “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins – not through strength, but through persistence.” What you keep on doing, you become. If you persist in doing something, later on, you can truly acquire it.


Persistence is a choice

More profoundly, it is a series of fulfilling the same choices. When you are faced with temptations, you are presented with at least two choices: to continue treading the path towards your goal or to enjoy for awhile, and eventually lose that goal that awaits you. When you evaluate yourself and find out that you like in persistence, that’s when you can see that you lack the necessary drive to reach your goals. That which drives you should be strong enough to keep you making the same valuable choices. You can’t be persistent when you are in doubt about what you are doing. You can’t be persistent when you are not taking your endeavor seriously enough to sacrifice your short-lived happiness. When you keep on persisting, that’s when you develop the habit of self-control, or in other words, self-discipline.


Persistence gathers the odds to your favor

When you are lost, when you are faced with trials and you become convinced of quitting, this is when that voice at the back of your mind, the voice of persistence, could help you to stand up and continue to fight your battles. Persistence is that child who keeps on asking tirelessly that the mother finally gives in. After all, not being consistent with what you ask and what you desire leads to a messy painting of your dreams, which will hardly be finished. Persist and the odds will one day give in to your requests.


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