Sometimes we wonder why there are many bad things that happen in our lives and in the world. There are constant wars in different parts of the world. Many people are suffering from diseases and poverty. Criminal acts such as drug, rape, kidnapping, murder, robbery and a lot more of others always seem to happen anytime to us or to our neighborhood, while some of us had already become victims. Discrimination and abuses are everywhere, even mostly happening in secrets. These ghostly things haunt us and deprive us of peace, making us wonder if God really exists. If He did, these things wouldn’t have happened, right? Because God is loving. He protects. He saves. He provides. But with the continuous stories of misfortunes and calamities, even if God exists, He wouldn’t have the power to stop bad things to happen.   


What’s the real difference? 


However, we cannot let out bitterness, brokenness and negativity towards the bad circumstances in life to rob us of our logical and sound reasoning. Problems and struggles are always part of human life. The degree of suffering varies from one person to another, always depending on their capability to handle each of them. Whether one has faith in God or has not, these problems will continue to exist and their extremity will always depend upon the complexity of one’s disposition towards a particular situation he or she is in. The good news for those who believe in God is that they have Him as helper and adviser amidst their trials and sufferings. They gain the positive mindset, the hopeful and the courageous heart to persevere and continue to live their life in the view that the good things will still happen in the future.   


The Good News in One’s Suffering 


Men and women are so much alike and fair when it comes to the distribution of hardships that they face in life. They have their own share of struggles that are relevant to their own gender and even identity. God’s blessings and graces are as much fair and generous for both sexes. When they believe that God loves them so much, they will cease to think of useless reasons behind their problems. These useless thoughts will impede them from realizing their potential and from becoming someone better. Problems should be better treated as obstacles in a race that will bring the challenger to a higher level in a game. It is for this reason that God Himself allowed problems to occur in a person’s life in order to teach him or her into winning against his or her weaker persona. Problems are actually gifts. When problems are big, it is so much right to affirm that the gifts behind them are also big. When a person overcomes a big problem, he or she finds himself or herself in a so much glorious position afterward.   


The Values to Win Against Problems 


The key to winning from one’s battles is always the will to win against it. The spirit of courage, determination, optimism, faithfulness, hope, kindness, patience, obedience, creativity, wisdom and perseverance are developed from one’s will to succeed. When these character traits are finally mastered, one can only expect success to happen. A success that is fought from an impossible battle is worth a thousand years’ praise and fame.   

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