What made family such a need for someone’s life?

Ivan Pavlov, one of the behaviorists, have noted on the effect of classical conditioning on the subjects. It seemed that whatever is related to what the people have been immersed or conditioned with, they will respond automatically. Family creates that conditioning. In simpler words, family creates the environment where all sorts of attitude, perspectives, practices, or the traits of how to act and become human can be cultivated. What the members of the family have been doing in their home, they will likely display, consciously and unconsciously, in front of their friends, associates and other social circles or groups that they belong with. The family, first and foremost, provides the essential satisfaction and security to its members. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Security is the basic need of a person while satisfaction is the greatest need that only a few people have acquired. Everything else in between, apparently, is covered within the realm of benefits that one’s family can provide.

The role of parents

David Blankenhorn said, “If you want kids to do well, then you want marriage to do well.” Indeed, what he said is true as parents are pivotal to marriage life. It has been said over and over by many wise men that parents serve as the primary models for the kids. The kids, after all, have the common sense that “actions speak louder than words”. Repetitive scolding and nagging will have no effect on them, or if they do, it would have been for a very brief period of time. The kids will always need someone to look up to as they grow up and know what to do of themselves. More than the support and the love that the parents can provide for their kids, being the best example of how to live becomes the hardest part of their duty.

Quantity or quality?

Preference of family sizes varies in different parts of the world. In the practical and economical family scheme, the small number is ideal while in the traditional and cultural one, a large household is desired. However, family is something where quantity and quality are reconciled. Quality does not reject the idea of a small or a big family. This is primarily because quality deals more with how much time the family has spent together. Their interactions create memories that are proof of how much they love and care for each other. The more the number of times that the family has interacted with each other increases the more possibility of them getting together even more. Time strengthens relationships. Time establishes identity. Time makes it known to a person about his belongingness to whatever it is that he has spent his precious time for. Time transcends physical limitations. When you think of your loved ones constantly, you make time for them. Family reminds all the people of the world on how to spend their limited time on earth in a purposive way.

Family is such a vast concept that no one could have ever perfected the discussion of it. Still, it can always be found in every attempt of inking it down that every group worth calling as a family is founded with none other than LOVE, yes, unconditional love. Love that only a family can truly and automatically provide. And that matters for every single person.


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