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Maria stood above the harbor aimlessly watching the activity on the water. Skiffs were moving back and forth preparing a merchant vessel, the Portsmouth, to sail the next day. Watching the crew and the native longshoremen lifting bale after bale of goods onto the skiff, Maria wondered. Why isn’t Joaquina here to meet me, when she asked me to come and see her off?

Something is not right!

This naIve fifteen-year-old girl, unaware of her beauty, had no idea her life, as she knew it, would never be the same. She could feel a warning sign within her the moment she saw one of the men she had met that morning coming toward her.

Maria del los Santos y Castro (generally written Maria

Dilessantos) at the age of seventeen married Nathaniel Savory on November 30, 1850. They had ten children. Maria became the matriarch of a very large family. Helen Jane, one of the Savory ten, birthed Alice Webb who became

the authors grandmother.

This book is Maria’s story. She is the “Captive Bride.”


1.  The introduction regarding the history of the Bonin islands, uninhabited from the mid-1500s, Japan was the first to settle on Bonin (No-man in Japanese). A shipwrecked Japanese warrior was first to settle and named the island, Ogasawara, after his family name. Once rescued he never returned and the name Bonin was what it was known as from 1542 or 15432 to WW2 and then became Osagawara in the mid 1950’s when Japan took the island.

2.  “Now this wonderful man, who is kind and loving, wants to take me with him. I love him, and I know he loves me. You can come with us, Maria, and then we will never be apart.”

3.  Everyone seemed to be too busy to notice this beautiful young girl, except a man coming toward her from the skiff, waving in her direction. As he came closer, she recognized him, thinking, He is the man I saw with Millinchamp earlier this morning. A feeling of dread came over her, but she let it pass, giving it no importance.

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