A first-time author, Marjorie J. Hersom wrote Captive Bride based upon the stories her father related during their family Sunday dinners. Marjorie was born on the island of Guam to Thomas Edward Mayhew and Lillian Julia Hererro. Marjorie left Guam at the age of nine with her mother and three younger siblings to escape the impending Japanese attack of the island. After a seven-day journey aboard a Boeing Clipper, the family was reunited with their father in San Francisco.

As a child and after coming to the US, Sundays became the time for entertaining friends and family after church. Marjorie’s father would begin his story telling during the dessert and after. It was this tradition where the family would hear the story of Maria, Nathaniel Savory, and many others in the book, she was mesmerized and vowed that one day she would share with this story with her children and she did.

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