It is a common thought that when the world talks about a woman, a picture of somebody helpless and submissive to her male companions, either husband, brother, male co-worker, etc. will often come into mind even in the modern world that everybody dwells in. It is indeed true that being faithful, caring, gentle and patient are among the innate character traits of a woman. However, this never implies that a woman is to be subject to the selfish desires, and at most time’s abuses, of her male accomplices.

A woman from birth

In fact, a woman is meant to be followed by a man. A woman, from birth, has already been trained to be a great counselor to give the best and most effective advice to men in the face of great depression and struggles. Definitely, a woman is an equal of a man.

However, this is not how the world goes. Abuses and violence that women around the men-dominated world had experienced are shreds of evidence of how women are living in such low-profiles. What can be done to elevate the status of women into where they should be placed in the society?

The women in action

A woman cannot get anywhere in the world if she doesn’t believe in herself and in her own ability and worth. When a woman is meant to be a counselor, she has to be one for herself. The best and the most successful women that the world has known so far, and those who have been acknowledged as more capable than men included Joan of Arc who earned victory for France in the Hundred Year’s War, Queen Elizabeth I of England who was unrivaled in politics throughout Europe during her time and Malala Yousafzai who exemplified women’s rights to education in the men-dominated Islamic world. These women broke the conventional norms attached to all the women in the world. In their own brokenness, they stood up and showed to the world their independence and power. How did these women establish such marvelous names for themselves? This rooted from their sensitive nature which tended to see suffering and to desire an immediate end to this. In doing so, their innate ability to counsel had been honed to its best which helped them to make reforms when no other men were capable, or courageous enough.

The women in success

Women should learn to stand, to be independent and to be courageous to make their own destiny. To make this happen, they have to start focusing on the positive side of every situation. Life is an endless novel. Life cannot end, nor can it be frozen when all the happenings have not come to light. When everything is still not clear and when the main characters have not fought and realized the essence of their problems and conflicts, that means that there is still a continuation of the story. Life has to be like that. The women in examples above are proof that in every big struggle, there is an equivalent big success. This success is even more remarkable for a woman because it definitely sets her into her destiny – that women were born great and cannot be defeated.

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